Thursday, 16 July 2009

New Wave Ski arrives! so excited!

The evolutionary step has arrived, still sitting but so much faster! FORMULA ONE V MICRA!

I have just returned to find a very sexy package at home!
A new custom Jemski, wave ski, it looks amazing, is really well finished and the costumer care was excellent!
check out and get one! Jem was really helpful over the whole process, which, is some what particular to each person, style, experience, weight etc even to my own graphic wishes.
So all i need to do now is get on it, but its flat, but next week i head to Tiree for 3 weeks so something will push in there! it better! I expect to have a few kickings and swims, but that's part of the fun i guess?

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Children First at Tavool House.

the plunge pools right by the House!

steep climbing at our crag.
campsite on Ulva, a magical place.

Coasteering at Uisken.

looking back from 'Ashley Paige' island to the group waiting to swim across!

We were pleased to have 'Children First' return to Tavool House this summer, a new group of young people spent a week with us doing a variety of adventure activities on Mull.
A challenging week for everyone which included, coasteering, climbing, gorge scrambling and camping to name a few activities with
The weather was fantastic and the young people were charming, amusing and up for the action.
We look forward to them visiting again soon! all agreed they would return for more action.

The Wilderness Walk, a classic route on Mull's west coast.

Looking along the Wilderness with Ulva in background.

Nick enjoying a treshnish sunset.

Only at low water can you get round this point!

The start on the Burg, setting sun and warm breezes, just perfect.

Andy, Nick and Liam went for a blast around the Wilderness, on The Ardmenach Peninsula of the Burg.

A beautiful evening was had with the sun setting over the Treshnish Islands and Coll beyond.

It took 3 and half hours to get around following some very thin and steep goat tracks.

This walk is tidal but can be re routed up and over steep grass banks to avoid the high tides.

An ascent from sea level to 500m feels much bigger as you ascend and descend back to Tavool House on the north coast of Loch Scridain.

This amazing walk can involve a slower trip and camping on the wilderness is something everyone should experience!

Friday, 3 July 2009

Hordle Walhampton School visit Tavool House.

On the way to Knockvologan bay.

Everyone at Tavool House enjoying the sun between activities.

Hordle Pupils were back again to have An adventure with us at Tavool House on Mull.
With 30 children to work with we had our work cut out to entertain them all!
Day one, saw everyone working in teams on the Tavool Challenge, a combination of gorge scrambling, tree climbing, orienteering and 'ready steady cook' competition. the challenge was hugely competitive and the teams really went few for it!
The grounds of the house rang out with laughter and entusiatic banter.
Day two, we took the school down to Erraid and a dya of climbing and abseiling on the perfect pink Granite, even with large Numbers we achieved loads of climbs etc. The youngsters were amazed at the white shell beaches and emerald waters.
A couple of really lovely days with great fun and well behaved young people, as always a pleasure and it was fantastic to see the dedicated and very helpful Teaching staff once more.
We look forward to next year!