Monday, 25 May 2015

A Mountaineering Course and Guiding over the weekend.

Over the weekend we ran a course for Louise. She was out on the hill with Max Hunter in Glencoe and on Ben Nevis. The two days couldn't have been any more contrasting. Sunny dry rock on Saturday in Glemcoe and full winter conditions on Sunday. Louise said she really enjoyed her days in the mountains and commented on Max's excellent instruction and guiding experience. So winter is still hanging in up on Ben Nevis. If you are heading up please to Scotland and especially Ben Nevis make sure you are equipped for winter conditions or guided by a Winter Mountain Leader as a minimum qualification. It looks like we could be able to run winter courses for some time yet. So if you fancy a mid summer snow climbing experience do call us..

Friday, 22 May 2015

Sea Level Traversing course day 2. Putting it all together.

The last two days have been really interesting for us at Hebridean Pursuits. Charlie and his pals from The Highland Frontier Society, University of Aberdeen asked if we could combine Coasteering [ swimming, climbing and jumping ] and Sea Level Traversing [ useing fixed ropes ]. After all they do like to explore and have adventures. We thought we could offer some input. Day one was spent in Glen Nevis concentrating on the technical rock climbing skills required to set up fixed rope ways on the sea cliffs. Day two, was all about putting it all into practice. What a great couple of days, thanks lads you really made me think! We even had a zip along the coasteering route at Easdale. The sun was out and the swell was such fun. Brains are fried with all the systems but we now have some fun and challenging additions to our coasteering journey.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Sea Level Traversing Course. Day one.

Today we were in Glen Nevis with Charlie, David, Shaun and Will. They are really keen to learn ways of extending their adventures whilst coasteering. It was a day of essential rock climbing techniques. Building anchors, belaying, fixing lines and abseiling. So alot of learning and consideration of when it is suitable and safe to employ these techniques for the guys today. We can now move onto traversing above the sea tomorrow and put it all into practice .

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Recent Technical Advice Work in Italy.

We have been away from Scotland for a few days working in sunny Italy.

We have been over in Villeneuve and Cogne valley advising an adventure company  on their gorge locations and staff's technical  standards.

We visited some amazing venues, were surrounded by beautiful mountain landscapes and drank some fine coffee!

Back in sunny Oban now and preparing to run a sea level traversing course over the next two days.

Friday, 15 May 2015

A round up of Hebridean Pursuits staff training week.

A very productive week of in house and site specific training at Tavool House Outdoor Centre.
Some illustrations of the venues and activities we covered and visited. An awesome week working on Mull.

A new route on Erraid.

Andy Spink and the team climbed a new route on the island of Erraid on Wednesday.

Overlooked HS 4B 12M.

It is always fun ascending a climb no one else has ever been up what ever length it is.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Canyoning on Mull today at Tavool House Outdoor Centre.

It is great to be back working out on Mull at Tavool House Outdoor Centre.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

The Outdoor Learning Academy. Mountaineering training day 11 and 12.

We have been out in Glencoe with the trainees from the Outdoor Learning Academy. We started working with these young trainees from Strive Adventure back in November. Starting in some dreadful weather it was a very fitting way to finish an amazing 12 days of outdoor learning with the team in glourious conditions. The trainees have summer hill walked, attended a residentail on Mull at Tavool House Outdoor Centre, winter walked, learnt hill based navigation, scrambled, rock climbed, and ascended some great peaks and climbs. To finish on two Glencoe classic mountain routes was well deserved. Two big mountain days in contrasting conditions and requiring all the skills the students have learnt during their time with us. We hope to repeat the Outdoor Learning Academy starting autumn 2015.

 If anyone has or knows of a group of trainees, students or apprenticies keen to challenge themslves and develop through outdoor learning then please share and spread the word. 

Thanks guys it has been a pleasure working with you.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Scrambling in Glencoe today with Oban's Atlantis Leisure's staff.

Today we were working with five of Oban 's Atlantis Leisure's staff team. After last years exciting coasteering adventures we were asked to organise something different and a dry activity. Ironic! We headed to Glencoe and the sheltered zig-zags on Gear Aonach. The team did really well in the inclement weather [ snowing at 500m ]. Some big personal journeys were experienced today. Well done all. Thanks for all the laughs and big smiles. Thanks also to Scott Kirkhope for working with us and guiding the team today. Andy Spink.