Friday, 30 April 2010

film of coasteering at arbroath april 30th 2010

I am away surfing this weekend, so here's hoping for some waves at the 'Mac'!

Coasteering site specific assessment at Arbroath.

Today Andy was working on BRAWA assessment at the wonderful sea cliffs of Arbroath.
Andy was assessing three instructors who have been all the way through the scheme to become assessed leaders in that area. I am glad to say all passed!

The British Rock and Water Association was formed to provide training in Coasteering, canyoning and gorge walking, so far around 450 people have been on our courses.
The weather was fantastic for us today and the water was warmer than expected for the north sea!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

April 28th Climbing on Mull. News routes!

Andy Leading on the second ascent of Kidnapped HVS 5B led by Andy S.
Danny Goodwin on Kidnapped. Ace crack climbing!

Andy Wardle on his new route 'Peak Potential' HVS 5a.

Danny on ' Shorties crack' mvs 4b.

Andy on Overjam Hvs 5b

Today, Andy, Andy, Cherie and Danny went climbing on a crag on the Ross of Mull. The crag was, we think first climbed on two weeks ago, by Andy Spink and Adrian Henderson, so we went back for another look see! and we got 7 routes climbed 6 being first ascents we think!

The rock is typically steep pink granite, really good crack lines and face routes are to be had. We did routes of grades VD to HVS 5b. AND it didn't rain.
Yesterday were coasteering at Uisken Bay, a wild old day but great fun.

Mull has so much to offer in outdoor adventures, from hills to sea, worth a visit!
for all things adventures on Mull,

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Staff training Ben More Canyon staff training went well yesterday with canyoning, today its Coasteering, tomorrow climbing?

A day in the office, filmed by Danny Goodwin, edited by me and strating Cherie Pumphrey and Andy Wardle

Monday, 26 April 2010

Hebridean Pursuits Staff training, day one!

Day one canyoning on Mull.

Andy, Danny, Andy and Cherie spent today looking at canyoning skills, tomorrow Coasteering!

Friday, 23 April 2010

South Ayrshire Young Carers on Mull.

' The Roses Project'. working for and with young people since 1989!

Tavool house outdoor centre and self catering accommodation

This week Andy and Danny were working out at Tavool House with a group from Ayr on a Rose Project residential, they enjoyed climbing, gorge scrambling, canyoning, camping, and loads more!
They also had time to chill out and enjoy their own time and also the beautiful environment that surrounds the house.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Coasteering at Tayvallich and Tarbert.

Bruce enjoying the west coast
Scott checking out the jump!

The best activty combines climbing and getting wet, if you fall off!

Today, Andy was working for Stramash as their Technical Advisor in Coasteering. We visited a variety of potential venues in Argyll, and we had a blast and found some great venues for a variety of groups, ages and abilities.

The sun was out, even though the North Westerly wind blow fresh, it was a lovely day to be in the sea, the water has warmed up just!
What a contrast from yesterday from summit to sea, what a country we live! Scotland rocks!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

April 20th Hamish's big day in Glencoe!

Today saw Andy taking Hamish out on his first winter lead, they headed for Glencoe and caught the early frozen ground and fresh snow! They headed for the double! a classic of mountaineering proportions not often undertaken! Many have tried but late April is pushing it a little!

Hamish has spent the last four years leading up to this, big respect he got a little twitchy on the crux moves of NC Gully!

No one was out, sc, nc, north and twisting gullies are all still there in winter conditions, and i dare say some would say the buttress climbs were in condition as they were white this morning!

The film shows our epic day, well 3 hours!

sorry to say the battery ran out on the camera just before NC! TYPICAL

Monday, 19 April 2010

Tiree Surf Gathering!

Danny and Andy are out on Mull working with a group at Tavool House, they sent me report of new routes at the Gillies crag last night, check out
They working on a multi activity course for Hebridean Pursuits Ltd and i wish i was out there its such a fun place to work! I have been office bound all day, but here is a brief clip of my thoughts to the surf !

To wet the appetite a little!.

The Tiree Surf Gathering!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Tiree Surf Gathering is on again!

Tiree Cottage ; Lapwing Cottages.
View from the set! Tiree beaches are amazing.

Kayak surfing video coaching or just play in the swell.

Board surfing. Have a beach to yourself!

Chilled out venues, so quiet its hard to believe!

It's on again! September 11th to 14th 2010! This will be the 12th Gathering!
Tiree has great surf choice, it's the sunniest place in the UK, level 5 surf coaches, Play, surf kayak, board, body, sea, ski, coasteering , what ever your preference! All Abilities welcome.
Beautiful, Tiree cottage accommodation, ten Min's to the surf, good fun, great company and well it's just a fantastic long week end or longer if you want!
We need to fill the accommodation or we can't run the trip so lets get the gathering up and running so we can all surf our little hearts out!

For more details contact 01631710317 and see our

Friday, 16 April 2010

'Flow' by Andy Spink

sometimes the flow of water finds the most wonderful places, those routes are often missed in the larger landscape.

'one night one spring' a short film by Andy Spink

New routing on Mull, perfect pink granite, sunny weather and great company, what else do you need on an evening off!
Mull offers some good fun venues, great bouldering and brilliant remote hill walking. The wildlife is second to non, on my home today i saw a Sea Eagle and a Golden, just taking the thermals in their stride!

Seek and you will find hidden rock gems in quiet and beautiful locations.

Girvan Youth Trust have Fantastic weather on Island of Mull.

Kelt leading a route at Knockvologan
Ben More canyon!

tropical advert!

Beinn Fhada 600m, well done guys!

The beaches are just wonderful on Mull.

A few photos of my clients this week on Mull, what a spring and after such an amazing winter too!

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Out on the Island of Mull and the sun is blasting down!

I am waiting for a new group to arrive at 'Tavool House' for another week of adventures outside and thought a little selection of photos of folk celebrating the 'outside' world may be fun! The weather forecast is so good I am so excited, makes life such fun!

'Hands up' those who love adventures! for all adventures outside!

Friday, 9 April 2010

'Little Things'

Small boulders often passed by!

The sun is out on Oban and its the time to be reaching for the mat and chalk bag . The forecast is fantastic for the next ten days, so Mull's granite 'little things' should be dry and warm and very rough!

Can't wait!

winter is still hanging in there, so here is a wee film about my winter!

Thanks to all who came out with me, I worked with and for . And the weather gods for making it so, so dry, didn't get wet one day out!

Looking forward to some spring 'hero snow' in May high up on the east!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Great week on Mull

Danny with the wilderness behind from Ulva.
Blue sky day on Thursday.

Secret Bothy?

Tavool Canyon.

Coasteering at Uisken.

Coasteering on the south shore of Mull.

Just finishing a great week on Mull with a youth group from Bradford on a 'Roses Project' residential at Tavool House with , Danny of worked with me so thanks to him for all his hard work!

we had a mixed weather week but overall we missed most of the wet weather as it rained at night.
We coasteered, climbed, canyoned, camped, hill walked and loads more! Mull offers so much variety of venue and remote environmental impact it just perfect for this type of demanding work.
We even tried to do a new route but the greasy rock defeated us, and i took a basalt on my head! luckily i was wearing a beanie!
Back again on Saturday for another week of fun and games and the weather looks fantastic!

Friday, 2 April 2010

I made this short film after making a twenty min film about bouldering on Tiree and Mull with Donald King for the Fort William Film Festival two years ago. Being there is the essence, i guess. The majority is shot on Mull by myself, a couple of scenes are from the bad lands of Yorkshire Grit, my old stomping grounds of hand jam heaven.

The rock is dry on Mull at the mo, just hope it stays that way, got some strength to regain after all leg work this winter!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

April Fools! New snow in Glencoe and hardly anyone out!


April came in with sunshine and a cold Northerly wind! The storm which brought new snow and caused havoc around the country dump new snow on Glencoe and the winds left fresh powder in the lee slopes, which gave fantastic forgiving skiing.

Oban was beautiful this evening, cold and clear with a grey blue clouds above the Sound of Mull.

Good Friday looks like being really lovely, I head out to Mull to work at Tavool House Outdoor Centre, with a youth group from Bradford for a week, so here's hoping the sun stays out! The early season starts.

What a winter, Scotland has been world class for all winter sports!

By the way I have not got soaked once this season! Just Fantastic conditions and i reckon we could be ski touring in May..... I hope?