Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Climbing and Coasteering on Hoy today.

Sheltered swimming spots..

Emma on Belay duty.

Barry Curly climbing at Maggie Mouat's Geo.

Fun little swell spots!

Andy on a new route at Brims Ness.

The sun didn't stop shinning all day on Hoy!

An early start saw the instructors team coasteering at Brims Ness point. A reasonable swell was rolling around Hoy from the NW but it still managed to reach the south coast! We had a fun and at times exciting coasteer along this lovely stretch of coastline. The late afternoon we changed gear and went rock climbing at sweet sea cliff called Maggie Mouat's Geo. We had a look at setting up belays, running sessions and climbed a few wee routes. I managed a first ascent, which we called after a local lady, who delivers the post. ' Fay's Saturday Post'. A great few days of work Technically advising with a great team from the Orkney Outdoor Education Service, can't wait to head back again.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Working on Orkney.

Gorge / canyon Scrambling on Hoy, great fun adventure.

Brims crag on Hoy.

Yesnaby, sport routes on all walls!

Coasteering should be interesting tomorrow! Yesnaby Castle a 115ft stack, first climbed by Joe Brown in 1967.

don't trip.

I am up on Orkney technically advising for the council at their various very well appointed island centres / hostels. It's Fantastic work and new Island ticks for me!

So far I have explored, climbing venues on the Orkney 'Mainland' at the dramatic, Yesnaby, surprisingly it's a sport venue. It's up to 50 feet high and has some sweet routes. I travelled over to Hoy early this morning and climbed at Brims Point, a short but fun [tidal] single pitch crag and descended a really bizarre gorge on Hoy running into the sea Called 'The Candle of the Sale'.

The weather is typically windy, but the Sunshine's and out of the wind it's summer.

Coasteering instruction tomorrow. There is a huge Northerly swell running so should be exciting!

Dave Birkett was spotted after doing the Old Man! Nice one...

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Bouldering on Mull.

I'm heading off to Orkney in the morning to Technical Advise on Coasteering and Climbing, which should really interesting work and it's a new island tick too.
However I thought it might be nice to have a wee bit of Mull sunshine and rock images. The summer season is shaping up and I'm looking forward to those warm Hebridean evenings again.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Toddlers activity adventures at Tavool House.

A bit of a change of age group this weekend, but what a blast! Three, Three year olds adventures on Mull. A very active weekend at Tavool, non stop challenges and adventures for Ben, Joe and Rory. Climbing trees, Canadian canoeing, walking and exploring, swimming and dam building. I am shattered!
I look forward to more Toddlers adventures soon.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

A great end to a fun week on Mull.

Sun, Sun, Sun and rock and water on the Ross of Mull today.

The week with the young carers is nearly over apart from the BBQ and some more giggles!

What an inspiring bunch of young folk! And the food has been amazing at Tavool House Outdoor centre! I reckon the best food in the Uk at outdoor centres, well probably!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Perth Young Carers go canyoning and Camping. Wet and Dry!

A lovely evening wander along The Burg.
the calm before the storm!
the Tavool Gorge.

The weather gods have been a little cruel over the last few days, but we have had adventures both wet and dry all the same. Tuesday, saw us in the gorge at Tavool and then on an evening walking expedition and camping trip. A calm, sunny evening followed so the young folk really enjoyed just chilling out watching the wildlife and the waves crashing into the west coast of Mull. We woke to some really really wet weather and a heads down retreat to the centre!

This was really wet rain, the wettest I have been out in for a while. The group did so well. Back at Tavool House the sense of relief was strong, warmed up and fed we then charged out for more fun and games. Coasteering and Climbing on the Ross of Mull tomorrow, bring on the sunshine, please?

Monday, 11 April 2011

Another Great day on the West Coast of Scotland.

Challenges in the woods.
The leaders get stuck in too!
What a morning view from Tavool House!

Day 2 out at Tavool Outdoor Centre on Mull. After early showers we had another sunny and very warm day working on 'The Burg', in the gorges and facilitating a variety of team building challenges for the Young Carers from Perth. They just took on every challenge we offered them!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Adventure activities residential at Tavool House Outdoor centre, Mull

Tavool House a natural suntrap all day!
Day 1 of a HPL / Roses Project residential at Tavool House. I am working with a bunch of really great young people from The Perth Young Carers Project. Today we headed into the gorge for a wee explore under the fantastic waterfalls and then into the sea at Loch Scridain.

Fabulous weather out here and it's due to stay fine! It's great to be back working out on Mull and I am looking forward to a fun packed summer on the islands.

HPL instructors and guides are also available for Rock Climbing adventures on beautiful Island of Erraid and sea kayaking guiding and courses throughout the summer. Tavool House has a few weeks available for self catering or catered family holidays, all the activities you see on these posts are available too!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Adventure Mull at an Amazing Outdoor Centre, Isle of Mull

Sea Kayak Safari's, an amazing way to see nature.
Activity weeks, canyon, coasteering, climbing and so much more!
fabulous beaches on Mull.
Tavool House is ideal for family hols.

But great fun!

I have been over on Mull, gearing up for the start of the season at Tavool House. HPL have a group coming in on Saturday for a week of adventures, so I was over checking out the venues.

HPL offer an exciting range of holidays offers for families, groups and specialist events like, Sea Kayak Safari's, Adventure Activities, Last Munro Parties and Stag Do's based on the wonderful Isle of Mull.