Thursday, 17 December 2009

Girvan Youth Trust visit Tavool House on Mull.

The sun always shines on Mull?
Lead climbing instruction on perfect granite.

Using our canyon at Tavool, cold but a real rush.

Mull, has been amazing this week, the clear weather held out for us and we had a blast, canyoning, Rock climbing, Hill walking and a variety of other adventure activities.
We were even able to do some lead climbing training with some of the clients, a rare treat for us instructors and we managed a new route in the dark, more of this soon!
Dry under foot, very cold in the burns and dry rock, has been the order of the day's, just lovely to work in, what an office we have!

Late December Sunshine!

Bob high on the Ardmenach Hills with Ben More in the background.
Eraly evening in the Hills what a day.

So Crisp, so cold, so sunny. December has turned out to be amazing, after such a wet autumn, we deserved some really classic days out and we have had them!
On Mull this week, just perfect! Staying at Tavool House outdoor centre, working with a group from Girvan who have experienced 'Scotland Outside' at its best!

Sunday, 13 December 2009

High Pressure In Oban and the sun is out!

Ben More on Mull seen from Oban Bay.

Little Ben Spink enjoying the sun at the beach!
Ben Cruachan looking very fine from my bedroom window!

Little Ben heading off for a paddle.

Frozen sand in Oban Bay! Sounds as though folk are having a great time high up as we are low down!

High pressure days are rare and very special on the west coast of Scotland, the last few days have been stunning!
I have been on Ben 'watch' so exploring the smaller corners of Oban's wee hills and coastline has been in order! While folk chase up the the Ben and catch up early conditions I wait for further consolidation and longer days!

I am on Mull all next week with a group of clients so back to the Hills, Canyons and Rock, hope the weather holds out for a while!
Happy High Pressure where ever you are!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Oban High School visit the Ice Factor

The weather forecast was not optimistic this morning so Andy and Mike took the 4Th years from Oban High School rock climbing at the Ice Factor. A wise move as by 1pm it was lashing down!

We had loads of fun scaling the walls, competing against each other and learning new rope knots and skills.

The snow in Glencoe is hanging in there, but the mild air mid week will strip back what ever is left, Friends were out skiing today but no great conditions were found!

Monday, 7 December 2009

Scottish Mountaineering Club Dinner.

The 121st SMC dinner was held in Strathpeffer this year and a very enjoyable event it was too!
Guest speaker Rab Carrington, inspired us with memories of his early days and his recent involvement with the BMC.
On Saturday Mark , Dave and I went up Beinn a'bha'ach Ard and on Sunday Scott, Brian, Matt and i ascended Sgorr ma Diollaid, both Corbetts giving amazing views and shapely summit ridges.
The weather held off for us and the new snow was starting to melt at 600m, exciting feeling being up in the winter conditions again.

It was excellent to ascend my 121st Corbett on the 121st dinner meet, and in such rough and remote Glens.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Coasteering in Cornwall

Big swell hit Cornwall this weekend, everyone seemed to have a blast!
When i got home the hills shone with fresh snow, winter seems to have arrived, well for now any way!

Tuesday started crisp and has eneded raw with heavey rain in Oban, new snow will be falling high up though.