Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Cornish class!

Mexico's quiet but powerful!
Hayle Bluff, at 'way over' head at 0630AM. Along paddle out back found long rights into a powerful rip and an easy paddle back out!

We headed south, two days of driving and we were in the 'Tropics', well Hayle in Cornwall!
We were chasing surf and we found it, in Bucket loads.
We surfed at The quiet, Hawks point at dawn on a big swell day, Mexico's produced a quality small long right, Hayle river mouth at head high, Gwenver came good again, with beautiful point break waves and Godrevey, produced immense powerful sets of Glassed off class!
Although, not Scotland the coast is amazing, it's fine beaches and open moorlands are remote in feel, but limiting for dog owners and access.
After a couple of Barrels , the longest ride i have ever had and cover ups the long drive seemed a distant epic!
We found really lovely campsites to park the vans in and were made really welcome, May seems to be quiet to visit and the Atlantic swell still piles in.

Sorry not many pics as i was having far to much fun out there!

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