Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Otters, rain and hills!

The otters love the wet weather!
Cloud at 800m hung in the cols making interesting exploring!

Ben and Sharks! At the Oban sea life center, worth a visit.

August is here, time to be in the hills again, i had forgotten what my legs were for, too much surfing!

August has hit with typical wetness!

At times like these heading indoors is just perfect, but heading in doors with a 17 month Boy is always going to be fun, and the sea life centre in Oban, added a touch of wonder and not only for the wee man! The Otter's were on fine form, Ben loved it!

Heading outside is a totally different matter, getting fit for the early season is just such a up hill struggle , sorry about that!

I headed out up onto Ben Cruachan's massif and ventured into the clag to explore parts i had never been in or on. The 800m contour line above the loch is covered in streams and gorges and slabs of totally smooth water worn rock, in the mist these seemed spooky and appeared so much more slippy due to the not knowing what was below!

900m was the point of return, the clag was heavy and very damp, contouring around to join with a muddy descent path from an oppressive bealach was enough today, the office warmth seems almost inviting! Well almost!

Here's to getting fit!

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