Friday, 11 September 2009

North East Buttress on Ben Nevis.

Donald and David, and a clearing of the view!
looking up the first platform.

the man trap! damp, steep and exposed!

Donald as always smiling.

the easy slabs at the bottom! not so easy!

The weather, was to have been dry and sunny!
Never make plans based on the forecast?
Myself and Donald were to have been going out to play, A change of plan saw us teamed up with David a client of for an ascent of the Buttress, a splendid birthday present for him.
Donald, David and myself ventured onto the Buttress in slimy, wet, slippy conditions, definitely easier in winter!
The route is amazing even in the mist the situation is incredible looking down the Orion Face and the corries far below.
The man trap was it's normal savage thrutch and Check Spellingthe forty foot corner was a delicate affair in the greasy conditions, big boots making it interesting too! Well done David the combined tactics were great and historic!
We walked off via the abseil posts and back down past the new extension of the CIC hut, as a member i am excited about staying there again soon, but a wee bit concerned about the amount of debris left of insulation foam in the high gullies and in the burns? A Clean up might be a good for the mountain?

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