Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Autumn on The West Coast of Scotland and the island of Mull.

Mull from my back garden..
Crisp skies across the Tresnish Islands.

Lovely low sun light

First Frost.

It's turning out to be a proper Autumn here in the West of Scotland, wet, warm, frosts, sun and more sunshine.
I was out at Tavool House on Mull today, we have just had a group self catering in the house for the last two weeks and another school coming in next week. The Season is slowing down, which is a shame because its been great fun.
A little time to pick Blackberries, some mushrooms and gather a few hazel nuts is always good though. The fishing season ended today, the stalkers were on the hill and the sunset lower than of late. I love this time of the year.