Thursday, 21 July 2011

British Rock and Water Association Coasteering Skills Training course.

Adventure swimming.Deep water solo and climbing .
Confirming your deliver and best practice.
Theory as well as practical skills.
Coasteering at it's best!
HPL are running another BRAWA Coasteering skills training course on October 1st and 2nd, based in Dundee. We then have access to some fantastic sea cliffs to Coasteer on. This open course is designed for anyone interested or currently working in this challenging and exciting environment. At only £140 per person this is great value. The course concentrates on the guidelines as recommended by the NCC and is widely recognised as some of the best and current training you can receive in the UK. Jumping, journeying, swimming, rescues, gear, climbing, play spots and much more! Don't miss it, it will be a fun weekend!
For more information please contact us on 07721778821 or