Sunday, 27 November 2011

Coasteering Rescue Course Weekend.

Tows and rescues.
The Team.
Lumpy seas.
Good size swell.
Help! Help!...........
HPL have been hosting a Coasteering Rescue Award this weekend.
Based in Oban the participants took part in a variety of training and assessment scenarios based on potential coasteering accidents and situations.
Open water swimming, towing, marine cpr, casualty evacuation, first aid scenarios and movement in the swell zone and spinal injury and handling were covered.
The conditions were perfect for the course, large swell and high winds made for challenging but realistic situations.
The sea remains warm but the wind as it backed to the North West became a little cooler in feel.
Hpl are running BRAWA Coasteering Course Skills Training course next weekend in Oban, there is one place left.