Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Dragon's Tooth Today.

I was out with Scott today. We headed for the Dragon's Tooth. I have never done this ridge route before and it was fantastic!
The weather started ok but as we gained height and the day went on it deteriorated somewhat from light drizzle to down pours and the winds increased. There was a light snow cover in the normally grade 1 gully which takes you onto the ridge and some evidence of ice forming above 700m. The ridge itself was covered in snow and the summit of Sgorr Dhonuill 1001m was pretty wintry from what we could see as the visibility was down to only approx 20m at times. The route is a very enjoyable mountaineering experience, sharp exposed rock scrambling, and even an abseil of about 15m and you end on a fine Munro. Winter is hanging in there and there is plenty to do if you use your imagination. HPL are running another Mountaineering course next weekend and the forecast is looking better and brighter!
Before that I am heading off to the Isle of Man to run a Coasteering course for three days, never been there either so more adventures to be had.