Monday, 22 July 2013

Recent sketch book landscape drawings by Andy Spink.

I have rediscovered the sketch book! I have been working for Hebridean Pursuits Ltd on a variety of expeditions and courses in some incredible locations recently. Trekking in The Atlas Mountains, sea kayak guiding out at St.Kilda, Shiant Islands and the east coast of the Uist's  and closer to home mountaineering in the Scottish hills and rock climbing on the beautiful Hebridean islands. I studied fine art painting for my degree and after graduating I worked for a gallery on a commission basis in London before starting Hebridean Pursuits in 1989, business has dictated my time up to now, but recently I have rediscovered the sketch book. It has been a while since I have used a sketch book and it is becoming addictive once more [ if a little scary ]. Scotland in particular offers such variety of landscape and the light [ however over emphasized ] does created a unique atmosphere for drawing and painting landscapes. Here are a few sketch book pieces of recent travels, fast, painterly sketches intended to be used for painting from in the future.
My canvases are blank at present but I am keen to fill them in the near future. If any of the blog followers or followers friends have any thoughts on venues for a potential exhibition spaces or potential patrons for collaborative shows then please contact me on

St.Kilda. Boreray from Hirta.

Afella 4041m , Morocco.

Azib Tamsoul 3200m, The Atlas Mountains.

Summer landscape.

Boreray, St.Kilda.