Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The seasonal satisfaction of light weight trail and hill running in Scotland.

Scotland Outside offers so many seasonal adventure activities it is often hard to choose which to do!
Having young family and not alot of free time, fell running has become a fantastic way to keep fit and ascend some wonderful hills in a shorter time than walking up them. I am on a personal quest to tick off the Corbetts and Grahams by running [ well moving as quickly as I can ] has become a wee bit addictive. The simplicity is the key to the enjoyment, as is the light weight gear, travelling efficiently through remarkable terrain and of course the satisfaction of 'the bag!' Like most folk I am a bit of a yo-yo trainer, consistency is often the hardest part of any training and goal orientated aims but having the lists to aim for really helps the drive. The Munro round was truly incredible to complete, yet I feel these lower hills though not smaller  are equally as challenging and often more satisfying to ascend and it is a brilliant excuse to visit places I may not ever visit. A truly all seasonal activity which can be enjoyed at any level and by all with a little training and some basic hill skills.

About as remote as it gets. Mid summer on Hirta, St.Kilda.

The Shiant Islands in the Minch between Lewis and Skye.

Glencoe. Mid winter. offer winter skills training courses for trail runners. 

Early winter. Mikey Clifford high above Argyll with Byron.

Late summer dash. Descending Beinn Donachainn today.

Every season in a day. Late spring run near Oban.