Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmas holidays and lots of running and biking low down out of the winds.

Hello everyone. Christmas has past and we gear up for New Year. My New Year will spent out at Tavool House on Mull. We have rented this amazing house for the last few years and I highly recommend it for future consideration if you are looking for a fantastic place to spend New Year with friends and family. Anyway, I am holiday so no work postings but here are a few photos of Scotland Outside and inside over the last few days. We start up working again on Jan 6th and we are busy busy right through the winter. Our winter courses are booking up fast and the snow is shaping up for a good start. The winds appear to be dying down some what and with some luck the temperatures will fall to consolidate
it all. Have a great New Year and take care out there. Catch up in the New Year.