Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Very fine conditions in Glencoe today.

Today was settled, cold and dry in Glencoe. Conditions under foot were much better than yesterday with the ground being colder and the snow pack where wind exposed was frozen and perfect for cramponing on. The turf at 900m was starting to freeze well and the rime ice on the summit rocks and buttresses was growing rapidly. Unfortunately as we returned to the car the weather had already broken and the southerly as forecast was dominating. We were instructing on day 2 of a winter walking skills course and ascended Stob Coire nan Lochan's fine NE ridge in near Alpine like conditions. A team were out on the Scabbard Chimney area and a couple of very late parties on Dorsal Arete will have had a damp head torch descent. We are instructing again tomorrow. It is looking a little damp, but sup
prises happen!