Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Guided winter walking on Garbh Bheinn 867m.

Not a bad day for a 14th birthday celebration! We were working with a school group from Tynneside on their annual winter walking trip to Glencoe. One of the lads was just 14 years old, what an experience for him. The weather was awesome and the conditions under foot ideal for cramponing. We ascending the varied and interesting nw ridge and we were only affected by the strong winds from the south on the summit approach. We avoided most deep snow as the windslab has continued to form and this is refelcted in a considerable avalanche warning. Going is tough off scoured areas as the cold snow has been transported into hollows and sheltered areas. Please careful out there. Once the slight thaw has passed through over Friday we should be seeing the snow pack firmimg up very nicely. Ice is forming high up but the freezing level is to rise to 800m over the next few days. We are out climbing tomorrow and we will report back tomorrow evening.