Friday, 22 May 2015

Sea Level Traversing course day 2. Putting it all together.

The last two days have been really interesting for us at Hebridean Pursuits. Charlie and his pals from The Highland Frontier Society, University of Aberdeen asked if we could combine Coasteering [ swimming, climbing and jumping ] and Sea Level Traversing [ useing fixed ropes ]. After all they do like to explore and have adventures. We thought we could offer some input. Day one was spent in Glen Nevis concentrating on the technical rock climbing skills required to set up fixed rope ways on the sea cliffs. Day two, was all about putting it all into practice. What a great couple of days, thanks lads you really made me think! We even had a zip along the coasteering route at Easdale. The sun was out and the swell was such fun. Brains are fried with all the systems but we now have some fun and challenging additions to our coasteering journey.