Friday, 23 September 2016

LGBT Youth Scotland Pilot Outdoor Residential at Tavool House on Mull.

It was with excitement and pride that we at Hebridean Pursuits and the Roses Project opened Tavool House up for a fantastic group of young people form YGBT Youth Scotland.

The aim of the residential was to explore specific ways of delivering outdoor learning and activities to LGBT members and encourage their participation of adventure activities and of course simply get the young people out from their normal day to day lives.

What a week we had on Mull. It was totally inspiring to meet and discuss openly issues that these young people encounter everyday in their lives.

Just brilliant to be able to talk and ask questions about LGBT issues. We learnt so much and are in the process of changing our working methods and assumptions about how we use language and deliver courses to all young people.

We did all the really full on activities and some softer elements to highlight what we can offer at Tavool and else where. We hope to see LGBTYS return soon.

Thanks for being so wonderful and yourselves!