Sunday, 1 March 2009

Mountaineering course for Sheffield University.

The weekend was spent in the Northern Corries with the Hi Peak Club. The students were concentrating on the skills for climbing grade one gullies and in particular snow craft and belays. On Saturday we looked at the use of ice axes, crampons and the art of step cutting. We found some old flat ice below .5 gully and the snow was surprisingly firm considering the freezing level was way above the summit. .5 gave excellent terrain for short roping and descent skills.
On Sunday we continued onto steeper ground and looked at belaying on rock and snow around the Mess of Pottage area and Jacobs Ladder area. Finishing our day with an explore and climb up through the steeper mixed ground on the buttress right hand side. After walking off down the Cas Ridge we spent time building emergency shelters, the newly frozen snow pack was ideal for block creation.
Driving home to Oban the weather had turned and a dusting if new snow was evident on the Laggan hills. the forecast is for allot of snow mid week, roll on! I am off to Mull to run a course, can't wait!

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