Monday, 30 March 2009

Surf kayaking at Machrinhanish Sunday 29th March 09. the first day of summer!

As seen from the boat just before take off! and white sand is not rare in Scotland by the way!

Andy going for the bottom turn on a small but well formed wave.

Summer is here!

Well the blow continued and continues, the low pressure has dominated us up here now for 7 days, the sublime to the ridiculous, flat to huge and back again!

Not complaining though, we had a great few hours on Sunday.

Drhue and I went down to Machrinhanish for some waves and we found them!

Only about 2 foot but really sweet during a wee lull that settled mid morning.

The waves had a nice end to them and we had time to use the green water before they closed out on the beach!

The village end of the beach can be sheltered in a southerly and the rock Barr's that have been exposed over the winter are creating fine little lefts.

The surf kayaks were ideal for the 'slightly' windy conditions, however being a 'cross off' wind the Wave was sculptured nicely, allowing us time to be on the wave.

The first day of summer was cracking!

Lines and more lines! its a good start to the season.....

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