Friday, 26 June 2009

Canyon, Bivi and climbing on Mull, for Mid summer madness!

The view on Ulva from my sleeping bag.
Andy working a new route at The Gillies Crag, steep and cheerful!

Andy with Hamish on Ulva.

Andy starting the Ben More Descent.
Andy. Liam, Andy and Nigel spent their evenings exploring the hidden gems of Mull.
After work we ventured into some exciting and remote corners of Mull as part of our on going love of playing outside!
We recorded the second descent of The Ben More Canyon and worked on some thin steep walls at the Gillies crag.
The Weather help so much, dry sunny and a gentle NE wind to keep the beasties off all added up to load of fun!
The highlight was a wonderful bivi on Ulva on Tuesday night!

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