Monday, 1 June 2009

First day of summer! Sun sun sun! hotter than Tenerife!!!!!!!

Small surf this time of the year, but perfect!

The west coast is unique in its history and landscape.

Gill and i headed for the coast, only a few mins away to seek a cooler breeze.

Evenings at present are so tranquil.
the first day of summer is here, officialy....

yep its official, its hot up here in Oban, 27 degrees in my back garden yesterday.
no not on the hill, surfing or kayaking, but planting our veg!
sometimes its good to be home and not dashing around, we do enough of that.
The sound of Mull was amazing last night so still, there is no where like the west coast in these conditions!

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  1. It was lovely today at Lerags too - so hot that even the veggies were wilting, not to say ourselves and our flaked out cat....

    I'm curious as to where the 'arch' photo was taken? That sandy beach must be Mull, not Oban?