Thursday, 5 November 2009

Five Star Sea Kayaking Course.

Exploring caves on the Staffin coastline, by Stac Buidhe, just before dark, when night paddled for a few hours.
On the very sheltered nw coast of Eilean Trodday.

Open crossing to An t- Lasgair, in gentle swell and moderate winds.

The Rains stopped just in time to get really wet on a five star sea kayaking course based on Skye.

I had a great few days sea paddling, learning, brain storming planning and calculating tides times etc! My head was bulging with maths and thirds of things each time we went out on the water!
the conditions were just perfect, big enough seas, windy enough to challenge, the sea is warm still and the coast line was spectacular.
we visited small off shore skerries and caves, so new ticks too, which is always fantastic.
Glemore Lodge, yet again put on a very professional, considered and specific course and the accommodation at Whitewave was excellent as was the food.
It was so relaxing being on a training course again, to revisit and learn new skills is always enjoyable.

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