Sunday, 21 February 2010

Humpback Gully in Glencoe.

Mark and Graeme at the top of humpback gully.
Mark finds the sun!

Mark on thin ice!

Graeme on the second pitch.

Humpback gully follows the obvious left hand gully line where the shade meets sunshine.

Andy , Mark and Graeme headed to seek quiet places in Glencoe, and we found it on Humpback Gully. At grade two it is an easy esoteric route tucked away on Creag Bhan, On Meall Lighiche a Corbett just before Sgor Na H-Ulaidh.

The snow level fell this week so we took the chance that there would be enough snow and ice to ascend this 300m route. There was, the ice was thin and running water and higher up only a thin cover of snow remained but enough to make a good mountaineering route, steep at the finish and a finish in the sunshine and warmth.
It will need good snow cover to completely cover the deep gully bed, but its worth exploring these less known and popular routes, Scotland offers so many opportunities to escape the crowds and hustle of following the pack!.
An amazing period of weather and conditions continues and long may it last!


  1. Good effort! I've often walked beneath Creag Bhan and wondered about its climbing potential. Really nice to see climbers are making the effort to climb on the neglected crags of the glen. Exploration and wandering is one of my favourite climbing pastimes in the summer, but I'm guilty of focusing on more popular venues in the winter!

  2. thanks roddie, very easy to be a sheep hey, so much out there to do!

    take care and be safe , spread the word about