Saturday, 13 February 2010

winter mountaineering course for Manchester University students.

Stomper belays.
remote and quiet area can be found, a refreshing change from the Northern Corries! for the last few years have been working with a variety of university climbing clubs, offering skills and climbing courses, so this weekend Andy was out working with Mike from , running a winter skills and mountaineering course in The Cairngorms.
A warm weekend with no real sign of freezing levels descending, however there was plenty of snow to work with in the corries we chose.

Heading to Jersey to run a coasteering course this week, should be warmer?

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  1. Hi Andy,

    It's Joe form UofM. Great blog and fantastic course. Been using a lot of the skills I picked up.

    Will be in contact shortly about the possibility of running a course for the Universities Naval Sqaudron.

    Joe Sheffer