Saturday, 17 April 2010

Tiree Surf Gathering is on again!

Tiree Cottage ; Lapwing Cottages.
View from the set! Tiree beaches are amazing.

Kayak surfing video coaching or just play in the swell.

Board surfing. Have a beach to yourself!

Chilled out venues, so quiet its hard to believe!

It's on again! September 11th to 14th 2010! This will be the 12th Gathering!
Tiree has great surf choice, it's the sunniest place in the UK, level 5 surf coaches, Play, surf kayak, board, body, sea, ski, coasteering , what ever your preference! All Abilities welcome.
Beautiful, Tiree cottage accommodation, ten Min's to the surf, good fun, great company and well it's just a fantastic long week end or longer if you want!
We need to fill the accommodation or we can't run the trip so lets get the gathering up and running so we can all surf our little hearts out!

For more details contact 01631710317 and see our

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