Tuesday, 20 April 2010

April 20th Hamish's big day in Glencoe!

Today saw Andy taking Hamish out on his first winter lead, they headed for Glencoe and caught the early frozen ground and fresh snow! They headed for the double! a classic of mountaineering proportions not often undertaken! Many have tried but late April is pushing it a little!

Hamish has spent the last four years leading up to this, big respect he got a little twitchy on the crux moves of NC Gully!

No one was out, sc, nc, north and twisting gullies are all still there in winter conditions, and i dare say some would say the buttress climbs were in condition as they were white this morning!

The film shows our epic day, well 3 hours!

sorry to say the battery ran out on the camera just before NC! TYPICAL

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