Sunday, 11 November 2012

George Heriot's Pupils request more Coasteering.

The Gang after the journey.

The big splash zone.

Chris climbing the Easdale cliffs.

Adrian Henderson leaping into the zawn.

Today was day 2 of George Heriot's School's adventure weekend and the pupils asked for steeper and bigger and longer Coasteering action. So they got it! We spent three hours today journeying along the coast  in the sunshine, jumping off big cliffs, playing in powerful swell and generally having a blast! It is brilliant to be working with such a dynamic school which values 'real' adventure activities and challenging situations. It maybe an old fashioned and slowly outmoded concept but real life does have risk and managing it is a huge life skill. We look forward to working with them on their winter skills and mountaineering weekends in 2013 and heading off on an expedition with them to the Atlas Mountains next June which we have organised and will guide. Thanks to all the gang from this weekend's Adventures.
Oban was still and calm today, the high pressure remains and new snow could be seen on Ben Cruachan. Tomorrow sounds wet, but it will be putting snow down on the hills and that can only be good for the start of the winter season.