Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Teaching Rock Climbing Skills and Rope Work Today.

Today I was working with The North Argyll Young Carers on their second day of adventure activities and learning outdoors. Indoors though today and it proved to be good decision even though it was lovely outside and it would have been warm on the damp-ish rock. Day 2 was the start of rock climbing basics for the young carers. Learning knots, belaying and movement skills so everyone can be more independent outside next time we meet up. Everyone did brilliantly, by the end of the session they were tying in, belaying and choosing routes to ascend.
It was a sunny day in Glencoe and the Mamores, clearing up as the day went on. A dusting of fresh snow could be seen on the highest summits in Glencoe. I am back teaching at the wall tomorrow with the UHI students as they progress through their NICAS awards. The weather looks less pleasant tomorrow so being inside may not be to bad after all.