Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Ice, Ice and more ice. A cold day on Dun Crutagian.

A change of pace today in lower hills of Argyll. I was working with the young people form the North Argyll Young Carers Adventure Project that we [Hebridean Pursuits ltd] formed two years ago. This was day three of their ten days with us and will carry on until the spring 2013. Today's theme was map work but ended up being smash every ice puddle on route! We went walking above Seil Sound on Dun Crutagain, which is above Ardmaddy. It is a wonderful wee walking route and takes in some fine landscapes over to Mull. A cracking day out with sunny and extremely cold weather  This freeze certainly has created some fine hoar frost and ice patterns. Yet again being outside in Scotland is wonderful and it illustrates how varied the choices we have are when working in the outdoor industry. It is easy to get caught up in grades or known adventures, but the quiet and less challenging days out often are the most memorable, today was just charming on all levels.