Sunday, 6 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope it's been a great festive holiday and it is a fantastic new year for you and of course an adventurous one outside.


Mull on Hogmany.

Tavool House on Mull. A fantastic location for self catering holidays, family parties and Hogmany. 

Snow on Mull before the thaw.

Soggy times above Durour!

Hebridean Pursuits have been on a well earned break and it has been brilliant to spend some valuable time with my young family. I have also had some great times out running, walking and exploring the coast with my wife Gill. Lots of folk have been outside, walking, climbing, running, skiing and surfing to mention a few adventure sports. The winter conditions have taken a hit with a big thaw on both the East and West but there is still snow in the easy gullies and big areas of snow to run courses on. We are returning to the hills to run courses this week and the weather appears to be cooling down next week and a return to colder conditions will be just be perfect for all concerned.