Sunday, 7 April 2013

A winter of hill running and the Highlander Mountain Marathon is looming.

Winter conditions still dominate in the hills in the Highlands and amazingly in the Lakes and North Wales. My thoughts are being pulled quickly to rock climbing work and the Coasteering season [which started today on Mull for HPL ] and the up coming Highlander Mountain Marathon at the end of the month which I have entered with a good friend. Winter mountain running has become something of a passion  for me.  It has added a whole new dimension to being in the hills and it is also a brilliant way to tick off summits and glens in at least half the time walking would normally take. I have been on holiday over the last week and have enjoyed the continuing sunshine in Yorkshire and Oban, hence no blog updates. Back to working outside in Scotland this week, fingers crossed the weather holds on a little longer.