Friday, 26 April 2013

Hebridean Pursuits winter mountaineering courses continue.

Hebridean Pursuits continue their winter courses season with another mountaineering skills course in Glencoe today. It maybe nearly the end of April but there is still plenty of snow in the mountains to run our courses and it will remain cold high up for a while yet. It has been an amazing season for our staff in the mountains this winter whilst instructing and guiding our clients on winter mountaineering, climbing, ski touring and navigation courses. We are taking booking bookings for Winter Mountaineering Courses in December already so looks like it will be a short summer season but not too short we hope, after all we have courses and expeditions to run such as Roses Project residential courses on  Mull at Tavool House, sea kayaking trips to St.Kilda , trekking expeditions to Morocco and lots of Coasteering before next winter. Should be a fun season!

Thanks to everyone who booked with us this season, best wishes and a fun summer to you all, Andy Spink.