Friday, 27 September 2013

Rock Climbing instruction and guiding on the beautiful Island of Erraid.

Yesterday I was working with Jamie on the beautiful Island of Erraid which lies just off Mull.
The day started with a dramatic grey sky enhanced by the low rising sun, gradually as the day developed the sun came out and the beaches began to shimmer against the emerald sea.
The climbing wasn't too bad either! We adventured around a variety of grades of crags. An exploratory journey is always fun. We started down on the middle tier of the main crags with a charming and long route of about Diff in standard. Moving up to the upper tier we did fun severe and onto an awkward 4b route. After this thrutch we headed to some easy but delightful scrambling and onto the uniquely positioned Pink Walls. We ascended a few severes and a Hard Serve to test Jamies hand jamming skills. An active and great fun day with just ourselves on the island and a large seal watching on from the shallows.

Jamie on the middle tier.

Always fantastic to finish a route in style! 

Not a bad place to climb.

Looking south to Islay and Jura.

We do like to be by the sea side.

On the  Pink Walls.