Monday, 28 October 2013

Atlas Mountains Trekking Expedition.

I have been working for Hebridean Pursuits over the last two weeks. We have just returned from guiding our third expedition in the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco this year.
We ventured away from the tourist hubs of the Toubkal valley and found remote, relativity unspoiled villages of traditional lifestyles of the Berber peoples.  We headed from Imlil 1700 m  to Tizqui and so over high passes to Tiziane and then back over another very high Tizi to Tamsoult 2200 m and stayed high in the spectacularly placed French Alpine Club hut, The Lepiney mountain hut at 3000 m. From there we ascended the well positioned mountain of Alguzime 3650 m .There after with a fit and well acclimatized team, the whole party ascended Toubkal 4167 m. An amazing 10 days of trekking with a great bunch of folk. We met some wonderful local people and shared some fantastic food and songs along the way.

The team back in Imlil after 10 days trekking. 

Remote typical villages far from the tourist routes.

Toubkal from Alguzime at 3650 m 

On the summit of  JebelToubkal 4167 m. Andy Spink has now made the summit 8 times in a variety of seasons.

Up at 3600 m on one of a variety of Tizi's we ascended to access remote valleys.