Thursday, 19 February 2015

The Dragon's Tooth today.

Today I was out in house training and mentoring two of Hebridean Pursuits senior associate instructors Tom and Julie towards their MIC assessments on the varied and always interesting grade II Dragon's Tooth ridge. It's not only a ridge, a grade I/II gully leads to scrambling blocky ridge, down an abseil and then continues to a fine rock ridge to it's fine Munro summit. Brilliant quiet and sublimely set it has all ingredients. Conditions were warm but laterly the temperature did drop and some new snow fell above approximately 750m. The snow pack is consolidated above 900m so a good freeze will bring those big gully lines (that are not already broken ) into fabulous climbing condition. Hebridean Pursuits has a very busy period of winter courses coming up through to the end of March so we will be keeping a good eye on the weather. It is looking unsettled but with freeze thaw cycles the spring could see some lovely traditional snow climbs to be found.