Thursday, 16 December 2010

Follow the white line up White Coomb!

The Borders were stripped of snow during the recent thaw, so ascending White Coomb had a strange feeling about it, as apart from the path it was green, well slightly bleached from the raw cold at Dawn. I was half hoping for a ski tour on these lovely rolling hills but contented myself with a great wee walk with Hamish, past the The Grey Mare's Tail and up into a beautiful morning sunrise. In just over an hour I was looking out over these fine hills from the summit, with their dusting of frost on their highest summits.
The Dash to Yorkshire for meeting then followed! The Dash back to Oban to miss the 'Ice Storm' was very pleasant indeed! It will get colder that's for sure! And it has as I write this the snow is blasting sideways up here above the bay.