Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Solst-ice Today on Beinn Eunaich.

Ben Cruachan, Beinn Chochuill and Mull in the distance.
Sweet micro Ice falls were followed on the Solst-ice.

Low winter sun, what a start to the winter it's been!

The shortest day of the year is upon us. I headed out to have a look at waterfall I have always wanted to climb. I thought maybe it may just be in condition today, but alas it was to thin! Well to thin for me to solo anyway! Maybe another couple of days of very cold weather will bring it into nice fat condition? But won't get away with going out on Xmas Day!
So, I headed up into the Allt Lairig Lanachain, a huge sweeping Corie between the two fine Munros of Eunaich and Chochuill. I remembered seeing a small waterfall years ago when I first did Beinn Eunaich, 989m. I followed the burns up, crampons on as the slabs were sheet ice. I found a sweet waterfall beautifully formed, only 20 feet but lovely and a little interesting with my ski touring axe and crampons.
The long pull up to the sun on the south ridge was worth it, the low sun had heat in it today. The views from the summit were spectacular, out to the Hebrides, The Ben and over the Ben Cruachan.
The shortest day, but a fine one at that! The Ice I climbed yesterday was soaking today and Lumberjacks Falls is hanging in there, but be quick!