Tuesday, 7 December 2010

How to construct an Abalakov Thread by Andy Spink.

Early this morning I had a gentle explore in Glen Lonan, near Oban. Last year I had found some easy but fun ice runnels at around 250m and a couple of short and steeper waterfalls to play on, so I thought it would be worth having a look again as it has been so so cold and there are many burns and gorges to be explored here. They reckon -17degrees in the Glen last night! On the way I stopped off to practice An Abalakov Thread. These effective and easy to create ice threads are so useful when out on longer more serious routes, for extra protection or for abseiling off if needs be. Ice is incredibly strong, but you do have to be careful where you place these threads and practice is a good thing before you are on the really steep stuff!
As foot note, by the time I was home the diesel in the L200 Pick-up had frozen as had the air filters!