Thursday, 24 March 2011

First Coasteering Course of the year! And it's warm in the water!

Tom loving it in the zawn.
Gordon on the traverse.

Jumps can big big or small!

The gully flush through.

Sea level traversing and a soft landing!

Today was an absolutely beautiful spring day in Oban! I was instructing outdoor instructors in Coasteering today at a brilliant venue south of Oban. Gordon and Tom were looking for technical and specific site training in this exciting and varied adventure sport.
The sea is remarkably warm and with no wind at all the whole day felt so much like summer!
We spent the sessions concentrating on Jumping, swimming, rock climbing, sea level traversing and play spots in the small but powerful swell. Great fun!
HPL have started the coasteering season and we are taking bookings for trips already. If you are heading to Oban on Holiday it's a great way of experiencing the marine environment and spending a day with the family!
HPL will provide highly experienced, licenced and qualified guides and all the equipment you need for a great adventure and each trip is designed around your ambitions..