Monday, 14 March 2011

Loads of snow on Curved Ridge Today.

Crowberry Tower Gap with cornice.
Deep and Deeper!

Amazing snow formations.

Adrian leading the short but steep corner pitch.

Today Adrian and I spent two and a half hours ploughing a 3 foot trench to the bottom of Curved Ridge and then having an excellent day climbing it. Adrian was really keen to do this classic route in winter and He was also wanting to lead the harder top pitches, which He did with style and skill. Conditions out there are 'deep'. The cloud cleared for a while and then set in again giving interesting navigation down the North Ridge [alternative descent turn everything on the left as you descend] as the gullies are just primed to avalanche at present. The snow pack is still moist and really heavy. If we get a freeze over a few nights it is going to be a belter of a Mid March.