Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Perth Young Carers go canyoning and Camping. Wet and Dry!

A lovely evening wander along The Burg.
the calm before the storm!
the Tavool Gorge.

The weather gods have been a little cruel over the last few days, but we have had adventures both wet and dry all the same. Tuesday, saw us in the gorge at Tavool and then on an evening walking expedition and camping trip. A calm, sunny evening followed so the young folk really enjoyed just chilling out watching the wildlife and the waves crashing into the west coast of Mull. We woke to some really really wet weather and a heads down retreat to the centre!

This was really wet rain, the wettest I have been out in for a while. The group did so well. Back at Tavool House the sense of relief was strong, warmed up and fed we then charged out for more fun and games. Coasteering and Climbing on the Ross of Mull tomorrow, bring on the sunshine, please?