Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Climbing and Coasteering on Hoy today.

Sheltered swimming spots..

Emma on Belay duty.

Barry Curly climbing at Maggie Mouat's Geo.

Fun little swell spots!

Andy on a new route at Brims Ness.

The sun didn't stop shinning all day on Hoy!

An early start saw the instructors team coasteering at Brims Ness point. A reasonable swell was rolling around Hoy from the NW but it still managed to reach the south coast! We had a fun and at times exciting coasteer along this lovely stretch of coastline. The late afternoon we changed gear and went rock climbing at sweet sea cliff called Maggie Mouat's Geo. We had a look at setting up belays, running sessions and climbed a few wee routes. I managed a first ascent, which we called after a local lady, who delivers the post. ' Fay's Saturday Post'. A great few days of work Technically advising with a great team from the Orkney Outdoor Education Service, can't wait to head back again.