Monday, 25 April 2011

Working on Orkney.

Gorge / canyon Scrambling on Hoy, great fun adventure.

Brims crag on Hoy.

Yesnaby, sport routes on all walls!

Coasteering should be interesting tomorrow! Yesnaby Castle a 115ft stack, first climbed by Joe Brown in 1967.

don't trip.

I am up on Orkney technically advising for the council at their various very well appointed island centres / hostels. It's Fantastic work and new Island ticks for me!

So far I have explored, climbing venues on the Orkney 'Mainland' at the dramatic, Yesnaby, surprisingly it's a sport venue. It's up to 50 feet high and has some sweet routes. I travelled over to Hoy early this morning and climbed at Brims Point, a short but fun [tidal] single pitch crag and descended a really bizarre gorge on Hoy running into the sea Called 'The Candle of the Sale'.

The weather is typically windy, but the Sunshine's and out of the wind it's summer.

Coasteering instruction tomorrow. There is a huge Northerly swell running so should be exciting!

Dave Birkett was spotted after doing the Old Man! Nice one...