Thursday, 12 January 2012

Colder in Glencoe Today.

At last, a cold, crisp and dry day. Well nearly dry! Good timing meant Scott and I only spent ten minuets in the rain as we walked back up to the car park in Glencoe today.
I was asked if I would mentor Scott during his aspirancy for his Mountaineering Instructors Certificate assessment next year. I wish him well on a challenging and fascinating journey to becoming an MIC. So today being the first time we have met we opted for a physical day covering some easy mountaineering ground giving us a chance to stretch our legs and also have a chance to have a blether. We headed up into Stob Corrie Nan Lochan, ascended Broad Gully 1 and then descended into The lost valley via some lovely Snow slopes. A good move because nothing over grade 1 was in condition. All the main gully lines have snow in them and the colder temperatures have helped stabilise what is left. The Buttresses were black and no ice could be seen. A few folk were heading for NC Gully, others followed us up Broad. Early days yet but it is a start! A very enjoyable day, thanks Scott!