Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Mamores Today. Binnein Beag or Bust?

Rare Glimpse down Loch Leven.
The illusion of dryness.
The retreat!
With a forecast for patchy drizzle and winds of only 30 mph it seemed a good day for a longish hill walk with Gill. She had not done Binnein Beag .943 in the Mamores and it appeared to be a reasonable day to 'knock it off'.
Binnein or Bust? Bust! By lunchtime the clagg had rolled into give a fine view of 50m, the wind was gusting so much we struggled to stand up on exposed areas and the snow was depressingly deep and soaked through to the surface. So at 7.5k in and at approx 800m we made a wise turn around and headed back to Mamore Lodge, Soaked!
As they say, the mountain will always be there. There is allot of snow lying still on the North and North East faces of the Mamores. Unfortunately the temperature has gone through the roof. When will this winter become a winter?