Thursday, 26 January 2012

Garbh Bheinn in full winter cloak.

Today I was working for the UHI. We headed for the fantastic and often overlooked Garbh Bheinn above Loch Leven. At 867m it sat just out of the low cloud until lunchtime when the snow started. The day was a great mix of winter walking skills and navigation. Just half a kilometre from the road an unfortunate accidental of a short slip resulted in a real evacuation of a casualty from the hill. This gave the students an opportunity to experience just how problematic even fairly minor slips on wet grass can be high up in the mountains. I am glad to say that the injured person is fine.
Snow fell for about 2 hours while we were out. It was still very warm at 800m, I am wondering if the cold high pressure will reach us as predicted?
The hills certainly are in winter cloak now.