Saturday, 2 February 2013

An unexpected weekend off. A sign of the times and funding cuts!

We had a very disappointing short notice cancellation this weekend from a large University Mountaineering Club party who we have been working with for years. It is a direct reflection of students lack of spending power and funding cuts for these safety and skills courses. At a personal point of view it effects our and valued freelance instructors income and at a deeper level it curtails the students experience and in turn their permissions to go out into the hills. For without necessary experience the club can't sign the students off to venture out. Plans and bookings have been made to return next winter, but I just feel for those who have missed out this year!

Unexpected time off is fantastic and I have had a great day with the family, watching the rugby and walking on the sun kissed beach in Oban.  The best bit was watching Ben my 5 year old son peddle his new bike for the first time!

Ben Cruachan this morning seen from the other side of my house.

Sorting out the tools for the job.

Ben More on Mull from my house early this morning.

Anticipation for Monday and Tuesday's climbing work is exciting too as I sort my rack and pour over guide books for something a little different to do. Time will tell, watch this space. Should be a great working and varied week again.