Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A wee wander in sunny Argyll yesterday. Great therapy!

Argyll is home. Landscape therapy.

Amazing colours but what are they?

Loch Creran and Bein Sgulaird 937m beyond.

Port Appin looking cross to fresh snow on Morven and Ardgour.

As I write this the snow is falling heavily at home in Oban, although transient it is great to see. Yesterday I had a day off and some cherished time with my beautiful wife. Wandering is very therapeutic when man flue hits and it was just the ticket. We headed to Loch Creran and then Port Appin for a spot of lunch. This corner of Argyll is so magical and diverse. It's great to rest the legs and although the next three days will be energetic with Ben my son and a bunch of other five year olds. The Ice Factor is the location of choice for the boys today. Climbing here we maybe busy in there looking at the hill forecast. Oh it has now stopped snowing and it's thawing, doh!